Charlie Ebersole is good at his job as a securities analyst
for International Industries in Los Angeles in the year 1962,
but he is also somewhat bored at being tied to a desk most of
the time. He jumps at the chance to join the fraud section of
II, and is immediately put on a case that will take him and
another employee, Elizabeth Reid, to Buffalo, Fort Lauderdale,
and possibly to Fidel Castroís Cuba, although the Bay of Pigs
fiasco is a recent memory, and relations between Cuba and the
United States are not good. Charlie and Liz find out that
uncovering a Ponzi scheme isnít all just fun and games, but it
can be dangerous too, especially when somebody is intent on
them not discovering the truth. Before they are through they
may wish they were back at their nice safe desks in Los Angeles.