Walking the World: Memories and Adventures

by Alan Cook

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Part I Memories and Observations
Chapter 1 Learning to Walk
Chapter 2 Relearning to Walk
Chapter 3 Walking with Family
Chapter 4 Walking to School
Chapter 5 Walking in College
Chapter 6 Walking for Love
Chapter 7 Walking Safely
Chapter 8 Fashions on the Beach
Chapter 9 Giving Directions
Chapter 10 Walkers Speak

Part II Walking the World
Chapter 11 Four Great US Walking Cities
Chapter 12 United States and Canada
Chapter 13 Greek Mainland
Chapter 14 Greece--Poems About Crete
Chapter 15 Greece--Echo and Narcissus
Chapter 16 Greek Islands
Chapter 17 British Isles
Chapter 18 Walking Behind Curtains and Walls
Chapter 19 Europe
Chapter 20 France
Chapter 21 Spain and Morocco
Chapter 22 Turkey
Chapter 23 Baltic Countries
Chapter 24 New Zealand and French Polynesia
Chapter 25 Japan
Chapter 26 Southeast Asia

Part III Hiking
Chapter 27 Hiking and Rock Climbing in California
Chapter 28 Mt. San Jacinto
Chapter 29 Mt. Whitney
Chapter 30 Lost in the Colorado Wilderness--Poem
Chapter 31 Lost in the Colorado Wilderness--Story

Part IV Long Walks
Chapter 32 Appalachian Trail
Chapter 33 California Coast Walk--Poem
Chapter 34 California Coast Walk--Mexican Border Through Los Angeles County
Chapter 35 California Coast Walk--Ventura County Through San Francisco
Chapter 36 California Coast Walk--Marin County to the Oregon Border
Chapter 37 Los Angeles to Denver--California
Chapter 38 Los Angeles to Denver--Arizona
Chapter 39 Los Angeles to Denver--Colorado
Chapter 40 UK End-to-End--(John O'Groats to Land's End)--Northern Scotland
Chapter 41 UK End-to-End--(John O'Groats to Land's End)--Southwestern England
Chapter 42 UK End-to-End--(John O'Groats to Land's End)--Western England to Scotland
Chapter 43 UK End-to-End--(John O'Groats to Land's End)--Southern Scotland

Autumn Walk--Poem

Walking the World: Memories and Adventures copyright 2003 Alan L. Cook

Walking Page