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The second Matthew and Mason Adventure

“'Pictureland'" is absolutely delightful!
Not only is it a fun read about two teens who 'disappear' through
a favorite picture on the living room wall, but it weaves in issues
of freedom and the value of laws to create a civil society."
--Ellen Piano

"This book is interesting and compelling, a true reminder of how important
individual rights are, and how tyranny and oppression can reign without
them. This book is well written, and can be enjoyed by both children and
adults. I love all the characters and it was hard to choose, but my
favorite character is Amy."
--Lena Belle

Matthew and Mason are intrigued by the painting on their wall, and with the help of Amy,
a girl in the picture, they enter the land behind the painting. What they find there
is a dystopian world far different from the idyllic picture, where residents have chips
in their heads and thought control is practiced. There is no Constitution and the laws
are those imposed by the self-appointed rulers. The three must attempt to stop the
tyrants before they are thrown into the Bloody Tower where dissidents are imprisoned,
or, in the case of the boys, executed.

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Dancing with Bulls

A Matthew and Mason Adventure

Illustrated by Janelle Carbajal

Janelle on Instagram: yeahnelle

“Filled with danger, excitement, and a narrow escape,
Alan Cook does a good job describing ancient Knossos, bull jumping,
and a civilization long gone…The illustrations are wonderful and will
give the reader a sense of a different place and time.”
—Nikki Bennett

"This is a great read for young boys and girls.
An exciting story with captivating illustrations, Dancing with Bulls
will leave the reader dreaming of adventures in ancient Crete."
—Brianna Villanueva

"What a wonderfully fantastical adventure! The historical
aspect of the story and the beautiful illustrations really bring it
to life. Well done!"
—Mary Moretti

Matthew and Mason are on vacation in Greece with their parents. While exploring the ruins
at Knossos Palace on the island of Crete, they wander off and suddenly find themselves at
Knossos in its prime, 4,000 years ago, when the Minoans were in power. Captured by guards,
they barely escape execution and are forced to join a team of slaves who are training as
bull dancers. That means they have to dance with a live bull in front of Minoan royalty.
Mason is picked to be a bull leaper along with a girl named Bracche. They have to vault onto
the bull's back and off again without getting gored. Will they be able to survive this ordeal,
and is there any chance they can escape and take the other members of their team with them?

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