Hit that Blot

by Alan Cook


Carol Golden is now married and working part time as a volunteer listener
on a crisis hotline in Southern California when she receives a call from
a man who calls himself Danny, and who says heís afraid he will be killed.
He also talks about being a backgammon player. Since Carol plays backgammon,
herself, and wants to help Danny if she can, she disobeys the rules of the
hotline by trying to track him down. This leads her into the world of
tournament backgammon where she finds it may not be the gentle game she has
always thought of it as, because players are dying and there may be
connections to a gambling casino and even to a clandestine spy agency. Carol
needs the help of her husband, Rigo, her spy friend, Alice, and Jennifer,
the daughter of a backgammon player, to figure out whatís going on and to
keep herself from getting in so deep she canít get out.

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