Relatively Dead

by Alan Cook


Carol Golden has recovered her identity if not her memory
(lost in Forget to Remember). She wants to connect
with any additional relatives she might have. She finds
cousins with the last name of Boyd, but they appear to be
the target of a murderer.

In addition, Carol's grandmother is developing Alzheimer's
Disease and has been scammed out of a lot of money by a man
in Los Angeles impersonating Carol's dead brother and using
the "Grandparent Scam."

Carol travels from her home in North Carolina to Los Angeles
to attend the memorial service for a cousin and to attempt
to determine whether the scammer and the murderer are the
same person.

However, someone doesn't want her looking into this, as she
finds out in no uncertain terms soon after she arrives in

A group calling itself The Syndicate is promoting what looks
suspiciously like a Ponzi scheme, and at least one of her
cousins could be involved, bilking people out of their money.
Is there a connection to the murderer here? Will Carol become
disillusioned about her relatives? Maybe she would have been
better off not finding them.

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