Honeymoon for Three
By Alan Cook
June 20, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4343-0950-1
Paperback, $14.49, 254 pp.
Reviewed by Theodore Feit for Spinetingler Magazine

Obsession and stalking plague Gary Blanchard and his new bride, Penny, as
they travel to various national parks on their honeymoon. They are
followed by Alfred, a nerd who was a high school classmate of Penny. He
followed her to California, where she is a teacher, spying on her from
afar, never approaching her, but convinced she was/is his big love. He
does, however, secretly send her notes suggesting she not marry Gary.

Gary and Penny leave LA and get married in Reno. But before they do, Alfred
attempts to prevent the union, telling the receptionist at the wedding
chapel that Gary murdered his parents in Kentucky. The police apprehend
Gary and eventually discover the falsity of the accusation. After the
ceremony, the newlyweds take off on their planned trip, stopping off or
camping at various locations including Crater Lake, Seattle, Glacier,
Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Alfred follows closely behind. When he runs out of money, he robs a grocery
store and shoots the clerk. Eventually he kidnaps Penny in an attempt to
separate her from Gary and “win her over.” It is a tale well-told, with
graphic descriptions of the sites and an exciting conclusion.

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