Mystery Limericks

by Alan Cook

©2006-2010 Alan L. Cook

Jeffery Deaver

Of hostage talks writes Jeffery Deaver:*
To negotiate be a deceiver.
Try to help them survive
So there’ll be some alive
When it’s time to become a retriever.
*A Maiden’s Grave

Ken Follett

The Follett whose first name is Ken
Wrote Eye of the Needle; two men
Had to track down a spy,
Both the Needle and eye,
Before he got back to his den.

Nancy Drew

A detective, Miss Nancy Drew,
Has a sporty convertible (blue).
She’s brave and she’s bold;
Why she never gets old
We wish she would give us a clue.

Stephen King

A prominent writer named King
Causes horror and evil to swing.
There’s Carrie, Christine,
And Misery’s queen,
The Shining and each Needful Thing.

Gayle Lynds

Let's hear it for spy author Gayle,
Whose Spymaster breaks out of jail.
With action nonstop
You'll run till you drop.
The forfeit is death if you fail.

Edgar Allan Poe

A mystery writer named Poe
Wrote stories that you and I know,
Of gold bugs and letters,
And victims in fetters,
And murders and poems full of woe.

Agatha Christie

The amazing Ms. Agatha Christie
Wrote tales that are turny and twisty,
On boats and on trains,
In snows and in rains,
And mansions in moors that are misty.

Sue Grafton

The story of Grafton, sweet Sue,
Is one of an alphabet stew,
From A through to Z;
She’s done B, G and P.
She’s doing it all just for U.

Denise Hamilton

Ms. Hamilton, first name Denise,
Writes tales of LA without cease.
Her reporter named Eve
Has skulls up her sleeve
And sings lullabies to the police.

Ray Bradbury

The most famous Bradbury is Ray,
Who chronicled Mars in his day.
A warning is spun
In 451.
The Wicked and Death have their say.

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