Walking the World: Memories and Adventures

by Alan Cook

Part I Memories and Observations

Letís start with the basics. First comes learning to walk. We take
walking for granted and forget about the agony we went through before
we took those first important steps. However, relearning to walk after
a stroke or other medical problem may be even harder. Many of us have
fond memories of walking with parents and fond or not so fond memories
of walking to school. And what about walking in college or even walking
for love? Two important reasons to walk. Donít forget that even though
walking is one of the safest sports, it has its hazards. We take a light
look at fashions on the beach and something every walker has encountered:
the befuddled motorist asking for directions. And why do we walk? A number
of walkers give their reasons.

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Walking the World: Memories and Adventures copyright 2003 Alan L. Cook