Walking the World: Memories and Adventures

by Alan Cook

Part II Walking the World

The answer to the question, “Where can we walk?” is just about
everywhere. From my own experience I tell about some of my favorite
walks in some of my favorite places to walk, in many parts of the
world. Starting with four great walking cities in the US (Los Angeles,
San Francisco, New York and Washington, D.C.) and branching out to the
rest of the United States, this is a great country in which to walk.
Then cross the border into Canada. Walk with the philosophers and sea
captains of ancient Greece or join the fast-steppers in the British
Isles (but remember to look to the right when you cross the street).
Find out what it was like to walk behind the late but not lamented
Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain. Tour the rest of Europe and dip into
North Africa at Morocco. Straddle Europe and Asia by walking in Turkey,
and take off to the South Pacific—New Zealand and French Polynesia.
Then it’s on to Southeast Asia and the lure of the Orient.

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Walking the World: Memories and Adventures copyright 2003 Alan L. Cook