Walking the World: Memories and Adventures

by Alan Cook

Part IV Long Walks

Even walkers who think nothing of covering several miles every day
may consider the idea of completing a marathon as unthinkable.
However, what is a long walk but a series of short walks strung
together? And what is a multi-day walk but a series of one-day walks
strung together? There are both challenges and benefits from
long-distance walking that you wonít receive by walking around your block.

First, Ethan Loewenthal tells what itís like to walk the Appalachian
Trail. In talking about my three long walks I give enough detail so
that anybody who hears the call can reproduce them. On the other hand,
I try to include enough human-interest stories to keep the attention of
the casual reader. Such as the effect the events of 9/11 had on us when
we were in Great Britain in September 2001 (see chapter 42).

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