Walking the World: Memories and Adventures

By Alan Cook

Easy Reader, Hermosa Beach, California

Author Alan Cook takes us on a warm personal journey through
history, myth and culture as he fulfills his aspiration to walk
around the world. Cook’s memories and thoughts add spice to his
writing and give the reader a blend of information on our earth’s
topography, legend and, yes, fashion. The reader joins the Cook
family as they walk their way through the many countries and
discover the quaint and curious overlooked by the most impressive
travel brochure. As the author states, “You can see a lot more at
three or four miles-per-hour than you can at 50 or 60—or 500. You
become part of the place you are walking.”

This truth, combined with Cook’s enthusiasm for walking captivates
the reader who is more than happy to travel along. His love of
Greece and the Greek Isles whose myths inspired the poetry he
writes about them, draws the reader into a personal awareness of
the colorful history and legend. Walking with Cook takes the
reader to places not always included on the promoted tour. One
can watch with the family as they encounter teenagers dancing the
flamenco on a side street in Spain. Or sheep herded in New Zealand
and learn that in 1987 there were 70 million sheep and three million
people. And learn how Cook put Colorado’s best of search and
rescue to the test while contributing to Rocky Mountain romance
on the trail. His enthusiasm and dedication to “walk the world”
has introduced this reader to places and destinations only dreamed
of. Al Cook’s passion for walking is contagious and although I
found this book very interesting and entertaining, it was
difficult for me to read because the more I read the more I
wanted to walk.

—Mary Vandever

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