Walking the World: Memories and Adventures

By Alan Cook

Reviewed by Walk Magazine

Alan Cook loves to walk. That love of walking is evident on every page
of his book, Walking the World: Memories and Adventures. Cook has
walked for pleasure and transportation his entire life--from walking to
school as a child, hiking with his parents, walking in European and Asian
cities and walking the coast of California--he has walked wherever he

And many of these walks have turned into adventures from major changes in
weather, to being lost in the woods or even just locking himself out of his

Cook has an easy to read, conversational style. As I read, I envisioned Alan
sitting with a small group of friends telling stories about his travels.

The section on long walks includes a chapter by Ethan Loewenthal about his
experiences on the Appalachian Trail. It also includes his walk along the
entire coast of California and covering the UK from end-to-end.

Alan's stories are inspiring. I've reevaluated my travels and now see them as
opportunities for new walking adventures rather than a hindrance to my regular
training. Anyone who enjoys travel books, and especially walkers, will enjoy
walking the world with Alan.

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